Salem Zahran responds to the London Attacks.. From Europe!

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The director of the “Media Focal Center”, Salem Zahran, posted a video from inside the “Prague’s Child Church” in the center of the Czech capital of Prague, which he visits, and shown women wearing “hijab” roaming inside.

Zahran wrote on his Twitter page: “Prague’s Child Church  … And how beautiful to see women in “hijabs” in the Church, in the face of the demonization of Muslims, and the growth of “Islamophobia” in Europe, because of the practice of Muslim Brotherhood and the “ISIS’ members”.”

Terrorism had hit the British capital of London yesterday, and The British police said that three people, including a police officer, were killed and 20 wounded in the attack.

European capitals have recently seen a spate of terrorist attacks taking on a hardline character whose perpetrators seek to tarnish the image of Islam in European countries.

إن التعليقات الواردة أدناه هي رأي خاص للمعلق وليس لـ"رصد نيوز" أي صلة بها